3 Story video and radio shorts

Here's a selection of videos and radio stories we've done so far. The radio reports were produced in association with NPR station Arizona Public Media and its radio magazine show Arizona Spotlight. The videos are produced by filmmaker Ricardo Bracamonte.

Video stories

My Space - Tales from the roller derby rink

Roller derby player Carolyn Van Hazel came to the sport late, aged 41 and a working mother of two. Now she's a  member of Tucson Roller Derby's VICE Squad under the name Van D. Lyzer.

In this 3 Story short, she talks about the freedom and focus she finds out on the skating rink. Interview by Gillian Drummond. Video by Ricardo Bracamonte. Music by Gazzze, a three-piece indie band from Tucson, AZ. For a link to their downloadable EP click hereWith thanks to Tucson Indoor Sports Center.

My Space - The studio that Spiderman built

Stephen Kimble created Tucson's Metal Arts Village as a place for him to weld, and for other artists to come together. It's the space that Spiderman built; the money came from a seven-figure settlement with Marvel over a Spiderman toy Stephen says was his invention. More on that here. In this 3 Story short, Stephen tells how the space has given more meaning to his days. Interview and photos by Gillian Drummond. Video by Ricardo Bracamonte.

My Space - Adventures in coffee roasting

Scott Gilliland dreamed of roasting coffee beans for decades.  Then be bought a tiny coffee roaster and started appearing at farmers' markets in and around Tucson.  Today, Adventure Coffee Roasting occupies a small warehouse and is a supplier to restaurants, coffee shops and stores around the southwest.  In this 3 Story short, this former software executive explains why, despite the company's growth, he'll never quit farmers' markets.  Interview and photos by Gillian Drummond. Video by Ricardo Bracamonte.

My Space - The Hive Hair Studio

Sarah Tyler has wanted to cut and style hair since she was five years old. "I was braiding my dolls' hair, cutting Barbies' hair. They got real ugly, these Barbie dolls," she laughs. This year she took over as owner of The Hive Hair Studio, located in Tucson's Hotel Congress and known for its retro hair styling.

In this 3 Story short, Sarah explains why her space not only transforms her clients, but has transformed her.  Interview and photos by Gillian Drummond. Video by Ricardo Bracamonte. Model: Veronica Stice.




Radio reports

Click on the photos for audio.

Hard knocks are all in a day's design work at Children's Museum Tucson

Designing a museum for children is tough; you've got to appeal, entertain and survive hard knocks. The newly revamped Children's Museum Tucson gave us an exclusive look at how they do it. Here's a radio story we had tons of fun producing. And here is the feature that inspired it.

The giant mouth, and troublesome uvula, at Tucson Children's Museum. Photo by Gillian Drummond

Open wide for the Children's Museum of Tucson. Photo by Gillian Drummond. Click on this photo for audio.

Planet Rabbit: an art gallery on wheels

They do it with food trucks and libraries, so why not art galleries? Tucson's latest art gallery stretches just 8 feet high by a little over 5 feet wide and is the baby of David Aguirre, a mover and shaker in Tucson's arts scene now for decades. Here's our radio story on the Planet Rabbit launch in downtown Tucson. And here's the 3 Story feature that inspired it, a profile of David by Joan Calcagno.


Planet Rabbit. Photo by Gillian Drummond. Click on this photo for audio.

The Power of Circus Amperean

Wendy pouring electro-elixir. Photo by Ruben Palma. Click on this photo for audio.

It started in a High School science club: some lads playing around with electricity. Today, one of them is behind an electrifying performing arts group. Listen to the radio story here. And here's the feature that started it all.

Tucson Fashion Week welcomes Betsey Johnson

How Tucson Fashion Week grew from a gig in a parking lot to attracting the wild child of fashion - the iconic Betsey Johnson. We talk to Betsey, the organizers, and more. Listen to the radio story here. And read our feature here.


Betsey Johnson's designs on the catwalk at Tucson Fashion Week. Photo by Gillian Drummond. Click on this photo for audio.